Frequently asked questions - FAQ

How can I use the images?
The pictures can be used only for communication purposes in connection with the destination Kitzbüheler Alpen and its tourist offers. They are approved only for advertising Kitzbühel Alps as a touristic, economic and scientific location.

Can I use the pictures to advertise in my website?
Yes, the pictures can be used to advertise in your website, as long as they advertise holidays in Kitzbüheler Alpen regions / villages or a Kitzbühel Alps product. For example: a tour operator, landlords, websites of hotels in the Kitzbühel Alps Destination. Except commercial use - see next item.

Am I allowed to place and use the pictures for a product / my product?
The pictures can be used only for communication purposes for the Kitzbühel Alps. That is, in brochures, flyers, for PR, on websites, advertising billboards and in similar contexts. The pictures cannot be used for (or on) products, merchandise, articles, etc. Also an indirect commercial use is not permitted (e.g. sales promotion of a specific product). In cases of doubt, please obtain a written authorization / approval from the photografer.

Am I allowed to alter/change the pictures?
Picture processing, i.e. retouching and editing, is not permitted (=disregard copyright). An excerpt or clipping of a photo can be shown as long as the general expression and informative value of the overall picture is not changed.

Can the pictures be passed on to third parties?
No, the pictures cannot be passed on to third parties. Third parties must also register in order to download and then use the Kitzbühel Alps pictures themselves.

Do I have to register photo credits? What are the photo credits?
Yes, a photo credit has to be placed for each image.

The author of the image must be cited in every publication without exception.
E.g.: „Name of photographer, or if not known the respective name of the region“
Example of use:
"(c)Franz Gerdl" or"(c)Tourist Office St. Johann in Tirol"

In any case size, colour and placement of the photo credit must be clearly legible.

Photo credits for websites:
The name of the photographer(s) or the respective name of the region (Tourism association) must be cited in the imprint.

Please note - copyrights

Please note - copyrights
Please note - copyrights

Please respect our copyrights + terms and conditions! It is fundamentally required that a copyright reference is made (photografer reference) ...

Contact us please in case of doubt!